Paying It Forward – Will you consider it?

Paying It Forward #PIF

As you know we are part of the Pay It Forward idea. We’ve been running this since we opened, 6 years ago. Paying It Foward works like this:

● You buy your pizza slice, for you.
● You pay for another slice, for someone else.
● We suspend it.
● We offer it to someone in need.

Good Cause

But as well as this, every so often we also like to pay it forward by sponsoring a good cause. So when Ger Fleming got in touch with us and told us about his plan to travel, later this year in October, with a medical team with Chernobyl Children International alongside Adi Roche to volunteer in Belarus in the Vesnova Asylum for children this year, we were delighted to be able to help in our own little way.

Chernobyl Children Fundraiser

The Fundraiser Event

In order for him to make this trip he and his partner Mark Sherwood need to raise the money to do it themselves, so he decided to run a fundraiser night in July.

I am running a fundraising event night in McGowans Pub in Phibsboro on Saturday, July 1st. We are running bingo, a table quiz and a raffle.

They’ve set up a GoFundMe Page and their goal is to raise €1,500. This is what they have to say:

Our names are Mark Sherwood and Ger Fleming. We will be travelling to
The Vesnova Children’s Mental Asylum in Belarus in October of this year. This is our first time travelling to volunteer abroad and we are looking forward to helping out in any way we can in our time there. Before that time comes we would greatly appreciate any help you would be able to offer.

Together we have talked about doing something like this for a long time. We discussed what we would like to do and where we would like to go. It then came to searching which organisation we would like to go with and we came across Children’s Chernobyl International. Reading through the work that they do was eye opening and we decided this was who we wished to volunteer with.

We shall travel on behalf of CCI in October who are an amazing charitable organisation who work to improve the lives of those in the effected region of the Chernobyl Accident. Below I will leave a link to the Children’s Chernobyl International site where more information on the work that they do is available.

We are delighted to support this fundraising event run by Ger Fleming and Mark Sherwood, who will be travelling with a medical team with Chernobyl Children International alongside Adi Roche to volunteer in Belarus in Vesnova Asylum for children this year. We wish the team the very best of luck!

Maybe you could help by donating to their GoFundMe Page and help them reach their goal.


Consider Paying It Forward Yourself

Please consider doing this the next time you visit us.


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