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17 November 2016

Teaming up with Headstuff


We are delighted to support Headstuff Lectures held in The Workman’s Club on Wellington Quay in Dublin, just around the corner from us, on the first Wednesday of every month. Wonderful speakers talking passionately about different topics. As they say themselves, “they could be about frog memes or democratic revolutions. They could also be about Erwin Schrodinger or Paris Hilton. Or anything in between…HeadStuff Lectures are not mass, not school and definitely not Ted Talks.”


We especially love that their mission is to support and facilitate contributors of high quality content and that they make this so accessible to their audience. And they say that every penny given goes to their contributors.

Oh! And that Tara Flynn writes a weekly column for them. What’s not to love.


Who are Headstuff?

Headstuff Logo2

HeadStuff.org is a collaborative hub for the creative and the curious. We all spend so much of our time clicking through reams of content and sometimes not reading anything of interest at all. HeadStuff is all about putting buckets of interesting stuff in one place. So it’s easy for you to find and enjoy high quality content from our wonderful contributors. We get up every morning to make your daily journey through the internet more interesting and productive. We’re all about the quality, and support good writing and reading.


Check them out at their Website and on Facebook and Twitter.  They’re always looking for contributors.


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